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“The whole country has pivoted. If anyone knows how to get the best outcome from this situation it will be us – entrepreneurs. Lets stop venting anger and get moving!”
Oleg Fomenko
Co-founder, Sweatcoin
“Brexit is a succession of unknowns. There’s nothing much to say about it that isn’t pure speculative opinion. In terms of market reaction, did we just experience the preview or the main event? Is Brexit actually going to happen? When? What’s going to change if and when it does? This is either a great opportunity or a serious risk, and it depends almost entirely on how agile and truly lean that companies and their decision-makers are.”

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Bird Lovegod
Co Founder & Editor, DISRUPTS magazine
“Quite obviously I voted to remain in the EU, and I largely see Thursday’s vote as one of fear and hatred that has been rising around the EU. The people of this country elected a Right wing Austerity government who promised to make significant cuts to everything which they then delivered on. The leave campaigners have created a rhetoric of hatred and blamed migrants for all these cuts and shortfalls of this and now the people of this country have voted for something I largely feel is not in their best interest, and will effect the people that voted for it the most (low paid workers).”

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Matthew Wardle
Co-Founder, KASKO
“TransferGo is the UK based company built by migrant for migrants and we’re very proud that we were able to serve our customers during the period of Brexit and even after the vote without any hiccups. We are very disappointed by the results of EU referendum and even if we ought to respect the choice of the people, it’s heartbreaking to see what kind of negative energy was unleashed by this vote. The uncertainty in the markets as well as amongst the public is something very damaging for the UK and thus Fintech industry, which is based on diversity and inclusion.”

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Gustė Sadaunykaitė
Head of Brand and Communications, TransferGo
“A post-referendum British government must act quickly and decisively to ensure that the tech sector, which is creating jobs faster than any other sector in the UK, remains on track.”
Jacob Fisher
Ground Control, Runway East



“A new relationship with Europe, while unsettling in the short run, could be an improved relationship. We’d hope for continued access to the single market but with less impact from the bureaucratic Brussels machinery.”
James Middleton
CEO & Founder, Street Stream
“Now that the dust is settling, it is time to take a dispassionate view and focus on the positives and opportunities that the situation might create, rather than the negatives. Whenever there is change and uncertainty, there is opportunity.”
Edward Cooper
Head of Mobile, Revolut
“The EU has recently demonstrated that it is looking to place the customer’s best interests at the centre of any new regulation. Regardless of which office will legislate regulation in this industry, it is important to maintain this customer-centric approach and ensure an innovative, customer-driven approach to fintech.”
Henri Songeur
Investment Analyst, IW Capital






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